Strelia Electrotecnia develops engineering and technical office solutions in the field of telecommunications for some of the main companies in the sector. With qualified personnel and years of experience in the implementation, supervision and management of engineering projects in this field, we provide the quality, timing and prices that our clients demand.

Techincal Office Services


  • Data collection / inventory of installations.
  • Staking out and execution studies
  • Work supervision.
  • PRL preventive resource and work.
  • Visit and end of project certification.
  • Radio emission measurement (MRE)
  • Substitute Certification (PSC).
  • Radio coverage measures (Drive Test).
  • Emissions / interference location.
  • Radiogoniometry and triangulations.
  • Interference Resolution Digital Dividend.
  • Audit and network optimization.
  • Audiovisual broadcast certifications (FM, DTT …).
  • Networks of distributed digital signage.
  • Cartographies (CAP).
  • Permission Management.
  • Technical advice.
  • Engineering and work coordination (PMO).
  • Development and project management.
  • Radio network planning.
  • Rural internet projects.
  • Final Documentation.
  • Radio Certifications.
  • Reports and expert opinions.
  • Transactions of operators at CNMC.

Project portfolio

Measurement campaigns for the type A, B and D radio wave broadcast certification (MRE) according to R.D.1066 / 2001 for Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone mobile telephone networks.

Cartography and final documentation (CAP) for installation and civil engineering projects for different telecom operators.

 Troubleshooting of LTE800 technology (4G) in DTT installations, including technical advice and special projects of the “Llega 800” operation.

Inspection and field measurements for Commissioning Projects with Substitute Certification (PSC) for Movistar and Vodafone mobile phone stations.

Survey of current plant engineering data and permit management for the deployment of Vodafone-Orange FTTH fiber optic network.

Studies for conducting external interference detection campaigns due to intermediate satellite frequency (L-Band) conditions from ICTs, and passive intermodulation, for consulting.

Status reports in issuing and telecommunications centers with equipment inventory, evaluation of operational status and conservation, demarcation of domains, economic valuations and legal reports in collaboration with specialized law firms.

Expert technical reports and field research on emissions conflicts without administrative concession.

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