Experimental study and assessment of the state of the art in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) with SigFox and Lora protocols for IoT environmental sensors network.

Drafting and specification of an artificial vision inspection system for the detection and elimination of impurities in lignocellulosic refining lines.

Manufacture and testing of prototypes and small series of electronic control and telemetry modules for nautical systems, aquaculture and agro-forestry (hydrobuoys, tide gauges, solar charge regulators, threshing and milling machine, lamination press, pneumatic sifting tower, etc.)

Studies for the development of combustion control and management systems for industrial biomass boilers (Flamma), domestic (Muro), and dual combustion and gasification thermostats with graphical interfaces and remote access, etc.

Flamma Biomass Combustion System (ENG)

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