Sexual Harassment Protocol

Within the environment of STRELIA ELECTROTECNIA, conducts that may constitute sexual or gender-based harassment in any of its manifestations will not be allowed or tolerated. The company will prosecute both people who engage in offensive behavior and those who promote, encourage and/or tolerate it.

All the staff is required to respect the fundamental rights of everone belonging to STRELIA ELECTROTECNIA, as well as those who provide services at the company, more specifically, they shall refrain from any conduct contrary to dignity, privacy and the principle of equality and non-discrimination, always promoting respectful behaviour.

The protocol approved by the general assembly of STRELIA ELECTROTECNIA for this purpose is available to everyone on the cooperative’s website (, describing details such as the action procedure, a complaint form, the designation of proceedings instructors, definitions, etc.

Protocolo Acoso Sexual (GLP)


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