Strelia Electrotecnia develops professional electronics solutions in the fields of telecommunications, oceanography, earth sciences, industrial control and energy efficiency.

We carry out the R & D projects for the commissioned products, integrate the appropriate technology and provide electronic and telecommunications engineering services for the integral execution of the chosen solutions. The Strelia team provides years of experience and recognized prestige in the world of electronic development and technical telecommunications office.

Strelia Electrotecnia is professional commitment, quality and social values. We are a cooperative enterprise working with substance, dedication and eficience for our clientele — while always caring for nature, people and diversity.

Our headquarters, offices and development laboratories are located in Santiago de Compostela (Galiza) from where we collaborate and work for entities of the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and the rest of the world.

The company was granted in its first year the qualification as Technological Base Business Initiative (IEBT) by the Xunta de Galicia:

Registry number 66/206/2013/IEBT

Resolution of the General Secretary of Science and Innovation granting entry into the Registry of Innovative SMEs.

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