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Telecommunications engineer or industrial engineer for electronic design, hardware development, technological innovation and telecommunication systems in the cooperative company Strelia Electrotecnia,
to work in sectors such as oceanography, radio communications networks, IoT, Industry 4.0, aquaculture, earth sciences, agroforestry and telecommunications project office.


  • With experience and/or vocation in the development of professional electronics solutions in areas such as: telemetry, microcontrollers, sensors, telecommunications, nautical electronics, industrial control, instrumentation, digital and analog electronics, communications and bus protocols, radio and satellite systems , GPS, PCBs, FPGAs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and equivalents. Familiarity with the industrialization and manufacture of electronic products and the industrial organization. Preferably familiar with software and free hardware and Linux.
  • With capabilities and interest in participating in the definition of business and business strategies, business generation, administrative procedures, drafting and development of projects and technical field work, as well as the main function of electronic development.
  • Teamwork ability. Orientation to organization and methodology.
  • Experience in cooperative societies will be valued.
  • Languages: Galician / Portuguese, Spanish and English fluids.
  • Residence in the area of ​​Compostela.


  • Work contract and itinerary for incorporation as a member of the cooperative.
  • First year salary: € 18,500 per year + € 8,500 for contributions to share capital.
  • Hours: 08: 00-17: 00 and Friday from 08: 00-14: 00.
  • Possibilities for partial tele-work and family conciliation.
  • Assistant work environment. Organization, professionalism and participation in the company.
  • Continuous formation and development of a professional profile of R&D of high competencies.
  • Incorporation: May 2019.

Send CV to: (Indicate reference “Electronic Engineer”).

At this time we have no more available offers, but you can send us your data and your CV and we will take it into account for future selection processes.

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