Privacy policy

The general meeting of Strelia Electrotecnia has established a confidentiality policy that is well-known, accepted, and put into practice by each and every one of the people who carry out their activity in the cooperative. The declaration can be downloaded in its integrated version in the link below. Summarize your articles immediately:

  1. Confidentiality will be maintained on the entities for which work is being carried unless disclosure has been authorized.
  2. Confidentiality will be maintained on the content of the products or services that are being developed for each client unless disclosure has been authorized.
  3. A discreet attitude will be maintained regarding confidential issues, avoiding explicit statements on these matters.
  4. In all contracts drafted an effort will be undertaken to determine adequate confidentiality requirements.
  5. Confidentiality will be preserved at all times with professionalism; this trust will be grounded on proofs of discretion and respect.
  6. Confidentiality shall be applied to the information communicated by any means or method, and whatever the intentionality with which it is received.
  7. Article 10.e of the cooperative bylaws establishes “to keep secret on those matters and data whose disclosure could harm legitimate social interests.”
  8. Confidentiality and the correct handling of provided personal data will be protected and guaranteed in compliance with GDPR.
  9. The people responsible for each project will be responsible for communicating to the work team the specific confidentiality conditions that are applicable.
  10. It is a condition for the incorporation of Strelia staff to become obliged through written form to the knowledge, acceptance and fulfillment of these commitments.
Strelia Privacy policy (GLP)

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