Values and principles

Article 4.3 of Strelia Electrotecnia‘s by-laws establishes that the cooperative will develop its corporate purpose following the following principles and values:

  1. The activity will always be committed, respectful and favorable to:
    • ecology and environmental sustainability,
    • social peace,
    • gender equality and every person’s dignity and
    • cultural and ethnic diversity.
  2. The cooperative will respect, defend and value its social, cultural and Galician identity, with an open, intercultural, multilingual, and European-based, Ibero-American, and global perspective.
  3. The cooperative will work on the development of technology and own innovative industry, which generates jobs and wealth in Galician society, seeking excellence in the quality of its products, and the optimal and professional service to society.

StreliaElectrotecnia is part of the business union of cooperatives EspazoCoop, practicing and applying the values and principles of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

“What is a co-operative? ICA Values and Principles“ (ENG)

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